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Since 1950 World Wide Fittings Corporation has dedicated itself to service, quality and engineering performance in the manufacturing and distribution of steel and stainless steel hydraulic tube and pipe fittings made to ISO and SAE standards. Our product line includes 37 degree flare, Flareless Compression, “O”-Ring Face Seal, Pipe, and SAE “O”-Ring Boss fittings and plugs in inch and metric sizes.

Worldwide Fitting supplies over 300,000,000 tube and pipe fitting components annually to domestic and foreign markets. All World Wide Fitting manufacturing facilities are ISO 9000:2008 and are in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

International Fluid Power proudly chooses World Wide Fittings for all of their hydraulic – fluid power applications. The fit and finish of world wide fittings are of the highest standards and have an extremely high tolerance for quality with a zero failure rate if applied and installed properly. Our experts are able to apply fittings properly for your application. Contact Us if you have a need for hydraulic fittings for your next project.