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OEM Projects

International Fluid Power Inc. is the leading Fluid Power and Hydraulic Source for OEM projects in the Midwest. Customers that are looking for solutions for their products have relied upon International Fluid Power since 2003 as being their one stop in filling hydraulic and fluid power supply needs. Our vast arrangement of suppliers and local in stock inventory sets us apart from our competitors.

OEM Projects

We are able to supply your OEM project needs with all of the necessary fluid power parts and components and assist with applying them properly and testing your manufactured product. Many of these components are carefully selected to fit your application and can be further customized for your particular brand, including logos and colors.
We can provide but are not limited in providing you with..

    • Hydraulic Power Units
    • Hydraulic Pumps – Piston and Gear
    • Hydraulic Solenoid Valves – Manual Valves
    • Tank and reservoir solutions in virtually any size
    • Cylinder Solutions
    • Electric Motors to suit your voltage requirements
    • Filtration – Custom Labeling Available
    • Custom Controls and Wiring for plug and play applications to your product
    • Fluid Power Manifolds for specific control over your system design
    • Unparalleled Technical and Customer Support

Designing or improving a manufactured product is difficult enough as is. Of course, fluid power has its place in the industrial world but that doesn’t mean you need to be a hydraulic engineer when designing your system or product. Allow us to assist you with this process. With our many years of experience, we have helped Original Equipment Manufactures achieve what they thought might not have been possible or may have been more costly than necessary without our assistance. This allows you more time and resources to spend on the actual development of your product. If you are incorporating one of our hydraulic power units or systems, not only will you get a custom-tailored unit for your application, but we test and serial number every unit before it leaves our facility, ensuring your product quality standards are met and exceeded.

If you have questions or have a product that needs help with fluid power / hydraulic design please Contact Us Here!

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OEM Projects
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