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Hydraulic Motors

International Fluid Power, Inc. has a complete selection of hydraulic motors to fill your requirements. Low speed high torque motors from Brevini Fluid Power and Dynamic Fluid Components, 2 bolt, 4 bolt and wheel drive versions are standard. Keyed or spline shafts are standard as are SAE or NPT ports and displacements from .78cc to 524cc. directly interchangeable with the leading industry brands. In addition, we offer the complete piston motor product line from Brevini including their bent axis style in displacements from .37cc to 3.34cc.

Hydraulic Motors

If you don’t see what you are looking for on this page or need assistance with choosing a hydraulic motor for your application please contact us Here! We will be happy to help assist you with sizing and application of a hydraulic motor for your application.

Sam Gear Pump
Economical Hydraulic Motor
Dynamic Fluid Components International Fluid Power

Dynamic Fluid Components, Inc.

Dynamic Fluid Components, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 quality certified company offering a full range of hydraulic products and supported by a full service test and repair facility. Dynamic Fluid Components, Inc. product offerings include, fixed displacement, pressure balanced, hydraulic gear pumps, including a dual stage HI/LO pump, low speed high torque hydraulic motors, flow control valves, check valves, pressure gauges, pressure switches, hydraulic pressure test points, and diagnostic testing kits.

Samhydraulik International Fluid Power

S.A.M. Hydraulik – Division of Brevini Fluid Power

S.A.M Hydraulik offers a complete line of high pressure variable and fixed displacement, open or closed loop piston motors and low speed high torques orbital motors. Some of the motors in the series are the H1C, H1CR, H2V, MD11V, SH11C, SH11CR, SH7V, SH7VR, SH9V, AR, BG-BH, BGM, BR-BS, BRZ, Geared Motors – (CTM, MB1010), HR, HT and Hydrostatic Steering Units.

Brevini Fluid Power is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic components in Italy and Europe. Its headquarters is located in Reggio Emilia, Italy and has direct subsidiaries in Italy, France, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Romania, China, India, Singapore and the USA.