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Aron Reciprocating Valves

Reciprocating Valves, especially Aron hydraulic reciprocating valves or null flow automatic reciprocating valves are ideally suited to applications where actuator reciprocation is required but the use of a micro switch or proximity sensor is not possible or is undesirable. CETP3 and CETOP5 versions are available, working pressures to 4600 psi and flow rates to 26 gpm.

Common usage of these valves are in compactors or where electronics that usually can satisfy certain conditions are not allowed to be used. When you need a replacement valve there is no better place to call than International Fluid Power. We have been dealing with Aron and Brevini Fluid Power since we have been in business. Some Common valves that you might find on your system are AD.3.I, AD.5.I, AD.3.RI and AD.5.RI. If you are building a new hydraulic system we can help make the right application of these valves for you the first time saving you both time and money. If you would like to learn more please don’t hesitate to Contact Us

Aron International Fluid Power